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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, health nut, cook, dog-lover and am passionate about the human body. Enabling the body to find efficient ways to cope and excel in this fast paced life we find ourself in. I see the body in its totality both Mind & Body.

After my daughters and I were involved in a harrowing hi-jacking, we battled with chronic post-traumatic stress (PTSD). We sought many forms of professional help yet nothing seemed to work on a holistic level.  I was especially concerned for my youngest child who would suffer panic attacks triggered by travelling in the car.

TRE® helped us to regain our emotional well-being and eventually the triggers subsided.  The very real and measurable recovery with TRE® and the return to our family’s happy and carefree mindset is why I decided to become a TRE® Provider.  To, in turn, help other people calm their nervous systems and release all types of trauma, tension and every day stress.

It was after my second TRE® session that the morning aches and pains in my once broken foot from 2 years previous had completely disappeared- TRE® works with the muscles, but electrical impulses/messages are sent throughout the body to the brain are done so through the facia and nervous systems to restore equilibrium to the entire bodily system.

On a daily basis TRE® helps me to reduce any stress that sits in my body- being a mother and wife there are tons of stressors that I am faced with daily to keep the family ticking like clock-work. Not to mention a newly immigrated & trying to establish my own new tribe and support network & establish my brand and TRE® and teach others what I love and live by every day.

Don’t be fooled! You don’t have to have experienced a trauma to have tension or stress in the body- daily stress over a period of time- if not released- can be the equivalent to a big trauma.

I believe every single one of us needs this in our tool kit given the fast paced lives we lead and the daily stresses we accumulate.

The beauty of TRE® is, once learnt, you can practice it at home for the rest of your life.

Some of my clients had deep seated trauma that would not shift and they kept reverting back to old learnt behaviours and belief systems when they were triggered, and QEC was the prefect tool to help shift these.

Personally QEC helped me to release old traumas & belief systems that over time were hard-wired in the brain. These hard-wirings become our template that we default back to when we are faced with any overwhelming situation. By releasing these old patterns and creating new ones enabled me to move into a place of safety, trust and love like I have never fully experienced before. My child-like enthusiasm for life has returned and that happy-go-lucky person I remember being has once again resurfaced, without shame, guilt, fear or doubt. I highly recommend this to any-one who is feeling stuck or as if life is in a repetitive cycle that you can’t seem to break. 

More recently I have become part of the Well+Life+Tribe, UK which is growing community and directory of  holistic wellness experts. Its a great space to be surrounded by and supported by like-minded individuals who are striving to heal humanity as a whole, one person at at time.

TRE® Enhances your Life

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Rachael Hill; Surrey, United Kingdom:

“Meeting Courtney was my first experience of TRE. I had tried years of different types of therapy to help with ongoing back pain. I didn't know what to expect and was grateful for Courtney’s gentle and reassuring approach. I found the treatment to be very effective. After only a few sessions my back pain lessened considerably and with the help and support of Courtney I started to introduce home independent sessions, which I used as a top-up in between guided sessions. Whenever I am feeling a little out of sorts, a home session or, even better, an appointment with Courtney really helps me to feel balanced, refreshed, relaxed and lessens any pain symptoms. I am so glad I found TRE and am especially happy to have found such a supportive teacher. I am really looking forward to the new weekly group sessions as this will encourage a good regular TRE habit but with the added incentive of a brilliant guide in Courtney.”

Michelle Booth; Surrey, United Kingdom:

“Having experienced a rather traumatic birth after several years of miscarriages, Courtney’s approach, overall sense of clam and TRE®’s empowering sessions allowed me to overcome what felt at the time like the hardest time of my life. She truly is a wonderful practitioner.”

Pedro; Johannesburg, South Africa:

“I came across TRE after doing extensive research on stress management. Before this and for many years I looked at the usual practices such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc. What stood out for me about TRE was the fact that the body's natural mechanism of shaking could release built-up tension in the muscles and through this, calm down the nervous system. The science behind TRE made perfect sense to me. I was always under the impression stress was somehow “stored“ in the brain. The first time I did TRE with Courtney I laughed when the shaking began. At the end of the session I felt a sense of calm and lightness in my body I hadn't felt before with other practices. Courtney guided me step by step through the TRE process for 6 weeks. The benefit I found in learning TRE with a certified TRE provider such as Courtney is that through her experience, Courtney was able to make small adjustments and additions to the TRE exercises and process which maximised the experience for me, something I wouldn't have found out on my own. TRE is easy to do, can be done anywhere, any time, and best of all it works!!!”

Lara; Johannesburg, South Africa:

“I started TRE® with Courtney for pain and anxiety management, and really had fantastic results. Courtney is very knowledgeable about the body’s ability to release trauma and heal naturally. She was also able to recommend natural remedies and lifestyle changes to aid the healing process. After a few sessions with Courtney, I was able to start doing the exercises at home, and have continued doing them weekly for almost two years. I highly recommend this process and Courtney, as a practitioner. She is incredibly kind-hearted and invested in her clients’ wellbeing.”

Darryl; Johannesburg, South Africa:

“I saw Courtney for TRE® to manage the discomfort from sports injuries. I am still very active and needed to heal past injuries. I found TRE® very helpful in aiding the healing process. I continue to do the exercises at home, to help prevent future injuries. I would highly recommend Courtney as a practitioner; she is incredibly caring and attentive. “

Jen Reynolds (South Africa):

“I did the course with Courtenay 18 months ago and I feel it is a wonderful tool to have for our crazy, stressful and busy lives. It grounds you, calms you, resets you and helps to shed pent up stress and trauma. I encourage everyone to follow the process and keep the discipline going on. You will benefit so Much on so many levels! Courtney has a calm and serene temperament and will make you feel Safe and secure as she takes you through the process. Happy shaking!”

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Wife, Mother, Dog-Lover, Cook, Creative, Health Conscious Nut,





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Certified in Johannesburg,  South Africa, 2017

QEC Practioner

Certified in Marbella, Spain, 2019


TRE® provider Individuals & Small Groups for all ages

JHB- 2017-2018

UK- 2019-2020

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