What is QEC?

What is Quantum Energy Coaching(QEC) in layman terms ?:

Developed by Dr Melanie Salmon, QEC is a simple and effective coaching tool. It involves talking about your life, where you are at present, what is holding you back and where you want to be.

Are you always late? Do you have a fear or phobias? Do you have an allergy? Do you have PTSD? Did you have a traumatic birth? Did you have an adult trauma that changed your life? Do you attract the same type of people in to your life? Is your life repeating the same cycle and you can’t seem to change it no matter how hard you try?

What is it that you want to change in your life? QEC is the tool to help you change whatever is holding you back and keeping you from achieving your true potential.

Definintion: What is Quantum Energy Coaching(QEC)  ?:

QEC is simple and effective coaching tool that uses a technique created eclectically from Gestalt psychotherapy and cutting-edge neuroscience. It aims to change self limiting beliefs at the subconscious level. Positive, affirming beliefs are installed into the subconscious mind, using optimal brain wave state that is receptive to learning. The new positive beliefs replace the old limiting ones, immediately and permanently. It can be likened to installing new software into a computer. The process is easy and effortless, no matter how long the problems have been there.

It is a combination of…
• Gestalt Coaching – to clarify issues
• Focused Intention – to install new beliefs
• Brain Gym – to facilitate learning at a deep level
• Cardiac Coherence – to set the energy field appropriate for core learning
• Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis – to develop new neural pathways in the brain
• Kinesiology – to test that the new beliefs have been successfully installed


What happens in a QEC session?

A private 1,5 hr session either remotely over Zoom  or in person, where we will work in Gestalt enquiry style to uncover what is presenting itself to you right now. We will spend 60 minutes in Gestalt enquiry uncovering whats working for you and whats not working for you in your life. Then we ask you how you would like to change the current situation/ experience and then we work on creating statements around your choices, followed by 30min of installing new beliefs.
The first session includes a full evaluation both medically and emotionally. This helps me to offer a tailored approach to meet your specific needs.
How frequent are the QEC ?
There is an energetic shift that takes place after the session so its normal to feel tired and thirsty.  How frequent your sessions are will depend very much on how you are after the sessions. Integration physiologically takes place after each session and you may take up to 10 days sometimes with healing symptoms such as an upset gut, tiredness, feeling dizzy/spacey etc. Its especially noticeable when we do core trauma work.
I usually offer weekly sessions but if you need longer time in-between we work it out to suite your healing needs. I am very respectful of where a persons journey is, the pace you need to move at, as well as the support needed.
How long will I be in therapy?
It takes many years for us to acquire problems through stress, traumatic and this creates a dis-functionality within us. So we naturally build up defence mechanisms to protect us.  We have so many layers protecting that vulnerable layer within. Its like an onion we have layer upon layer. We will  begin working with whats presenting on the outside. Sometime people have one session and feel its enough. Others remove the one layer and realise they have another layer they want to tackle, so its all client dependant.
Its impossible for me to make any specific guidelines because, I treat each client individually & I work with you according to what you need & at your personal pace. Sometime you may do a few initial sessions and then need a 6 month break and come back later on; sometimes you may feel comfortable doing regular weekly session until you feel “done”. This may be a few weeks or a few months.. its hard to say.
In most other psychotherapy its essential they work in weekly intervals  this was because so much depended on the relationship that evolved over time. The relationship “healed”….and its usually slow, but sure, of course but that could take years and years for change.
QEC is faster as we are working with the super-computer of the sub-conscious mind.
I have worked with QEC as little as one session and as long as half a year, intermittently, with clients who have had childhood PTSD to heal from.
QEC is very safe and suitable for all ages, from children over 6 to the elderly and  in all states of health. If people have been traumatised and are in a state of hyped up tension (in fight/flight) or are relatively cut off from feelings (state of freeze) I usually recommend doing TRE first. The body based tremor release helps to swiftly RE-STABALISE the Autonomic Nervous System and bring the client back to a more grounded place. It is easier to do QEC when grounded and able to focus on ones’ issues, rather than being numbed out or in an agitated sate.
There are no contra-indications to doing QEC and I am willing to work with almost anyone. I will use the first session to EVALUATE if I think QEC is appropriate at this time or if more suitable treatment is required first.
Here is an interview  with the founder Dr Melanie Salmon,  who will explain all in detail for you too. https://vimeo.com/291244658

What QEC helps with:

So All aspects of life including but not limited to the following:

  • Relationships
  • Pain & Chronic Inflammation
  • Disease
  • Sleep
  • Allergies & Phobias
  • Fear, Depression & Shame
  • Adult Trauma
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Addictions
  • Abundance & Scarcity

Why QEC?

QEC works directly with the subconscious mind  and therefore the results are quick, permanent and have the ability to change deep core issues.  Whereas most talk therapies work directly with the conscious mind, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Bruce Lipton has demonstrated than in order to change our negative thinking and habitual limiting behaviour, we need to work with the subconscious mind. Our major self- beliefs are laid down before the age of 7.

Liptons says that we can view the body as a computer because, at the subconscious level, its function is similar to a quantum computer. He equates the conscious mind with a computer that operates at 4000 bits per second, and is operational 5% of the time. The subconscious mind operates 100% of the time on automatic, at a computation speed of 4 billion bits per second.

Ways Of Learning QEC 

You can read more about QEC with founder Dr. Melanie Salmon on her website http://www.qecliving.com

You can book one on one sessions with a QEC Practioner.


QEC enhances your life.

QEC enables us to change deep seated belief systems and patterns of behaviour at the sub-conscious mind. Freeing us from all our fears, shame, guilt and traumas of the past. It is the most liberating feeling to enjoy a life free of negative beliefs, superstitions and behavioural patterns which create a dis-service in our life.

  • Improvement in health & autoimmune conditions,
  • Greater resilience
  • Better emotional stability
  • Less reliance on unhelpful coping mechanisms
  • Recovery of Cognitive Abilities
  • Significant reduction in physical pain
  • Decrease in “trigger” level (increasing the “tipping point” of your nervous system)
  • Better sleep & rest
  • Restorative bodily functions

Who can benefit from QEC?

Anyone and everyone from the age of 6- 96yrs old can benefit from this amazing modality.

Are you

  • always late?
  • caught up with limiting thinking- negative thoughts- life not working for you?
  • wanting to achieve more in school & academics or work?
  • do you have any fears & phobias?
  • a parent battling with the relationship with your child, partner, parent or friend
  • a survivor of childhood trauma,
  • a person who suffered a traumatic birth
  • a survivor of adult trauma & PTSD?
  • grief and bereavement due to loss of a loved one
  • battling with pain or inflammation in the body?,
  • battling to sleep or keep waking in the night?
  • depressed and not able to rise above it?
  • or simply a person who wants to become more resilient and just feel better about life, you can all benefit from QEC!

Reported Benefits include:

  • feel more alive than ever
  • feel as though a weight has been removed from your shoulders
  • return to that inner joy-state of the child you once were
  • less worry & anxiety
  • recover from PTSD
  • more energy & endurance
  • improved relationships
  • reduced anxiety, worry and panic Attacks
  • reduced irritation, frustration, anger and rage
  • better sleep
  • pain relief
  • greater emotional resilience & stability
  • decreased symptoms of vicarious trauma ( Stories of others, news etc)
  • healing of old Injuries
  • lessened anxiety surrounding Illness

QEC is a process that is easy and effortless, the results are immediate and permanent. The client is fully conscious throughout the session. There is no additional homework or repetition to be done. Once the statements are installed life as you know it changes to the life you choose.

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